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Welcome from Bill Meyers - ARS President:

On behalf of the thousands of rhododendron enthusiasts worldwide "welcome to our web site." Here you will find valuable resources which enable you to learn more about the selection and care of rhododendrons. We hope this will encourage you to explore all that the genus Rhododendron (which includes azaleas) has to offer, and you will include these wonderful plants in your garden.

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Seed Exchange Now Open for Sales

Seeds provided by Society members are offered for sale at the 2023 ARS seed exchange.  Until March 11 only members of the American Rhododendron Society may order seed.  After March 11 anyone may purchase seed.  View and search the seed list and buy seed online at the ARS seed exchange page.

Attend the 2023 ARS Annual Convention

Come to "Georgia with Azaleas on My Mind". The Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society and the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Azalea Society of America kindly invite you to attend the 2023 Annual Joint Convention to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, April 19 to 23, 2023.  The event features interesting tours, informative lectures, a plant sale, poster presentations, and much socialization with fellow gardeners.  More Information.

Rhododendron International Volume 7

The latest volume of this free online journal contains articles of interest to rhododendron aficionados. Read about rhododendron choices for smaller gardens, cultivation of rhododendrons on limestone, and see postal stamps from around the world featuring rhododendron flowers.  These articles are deemed to be international significance and of broad reader appeal.  Index of current and past RI issues.

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Informative articles about:
 - rhododendron & azalea culture,
 - propagation,
 - hybridizing,
 - private & public gardens,
 - plant portraits,
 - companion plants,
 - plant hunting exploration,
 - rhododendron research,
 - and much more.

Visit archive of previously published issues.


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Rhododendron of the Year Selections
The ARS proudly announces its Rhododendron of the Year (ROY) awards for 2023.  Chosen for outstanding foliage, flower, habit and hardiness, the ROY rhododendron and azalea selections are recommended for your garden.

Explore 2023 ROY highlights.

ARS Next-Generation Podcasts
Listen to "For the Love of Rhododendron" audio podcasts. In the podcasts we learn about the life experiences of ARS members, how random twists and turns in their lives led them to discover their love of Rhododendron. Our podcasts can inspire and inform others embarking on their own journey into the vast, uncharted territory that is plant genus Rhododendron. Podcast index

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