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ARS Research Proposal Application


Deadline for submitted applications is March 1st of each year.


1. Title of Proposed Project:


2. Project Leader:  Name, Address and Phone Number(s):



3. Signatures:

Project Leader(s): ____________________________________________


Department Head: ____________________________________________


4. Proposed Duration of Project:
Indicate number of years required to complete the research. (A brief explanation may be added if you wish).



5. Publication of Research Findings: Publication of the final report on the research project in the Journal of the American Rhododendron Society (JARS) is not a requirement for receiving funding.  However, an effort should be made to publish a scientific research article in an appropriate scientific journal, which may include JARS.  A final report expressed in layman's terms is nevertheless required for publication in JARS.


6. Required Total Funding:  List major budget items. Give the justifications for them.



Provide the following information about your project on continuation pages -- no more than five of them, please.

  • Project background and justification.

  • Project objectives.

  • Preliminary results, if any.

  • Potential problems that may be encountered and how they will be addressed.

  • Expected outcome and significance.

  • Work plan for coming year; outline of subsequent activities, if any.


Provide a brief biography of the Principal Investigator (one page or less).


Submit 13 copies of each Research Proposal to:

Dr. Harold E. Sweetman
Chairman, ARS Research Committee
Jenkins Arboretum
631 Berwyn Baptist Rd
Devon, PA 19333-1001

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