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Seed Exchange Lots for 2023

h.p.  - Hand pollinated seeds.
c.p.  - Controlled pollination. (Stigma covered after pollination)
o.p.  - Open pollination.
c.w. - Collected in the wild.
com. - Companion plants.

Lots marked with strikethrough are "sold out".

Kristian Theqvist, Finland
23-001      c.p.   Blutopia1 X Dramatic Dark2  Goal: dark violet flowers.
23-002      c.p.   brachycarpum var. roseum, dwarf3 X catawbiense, red4  Goal: compact growth, red flowers.
23-003      c.p.   catawbiense, red4  Cross between two plants. Goal: red flowers.
23-004      c.p.   Helsinki University5 X 1664 A (Kilimanjaro' X L Engin)6  Goal: polyploids, large leaves and flowers (diploid X tetraploid -> low germination of seeds)
23-005      c.p.   Helsinki University5 X Gomer Waterer7  Goal: polyploids, large leaves and flowers (diploid x triploid -> low germination of seeds)
23-006      c.p.   Helsinki University5 X L Engin8  Goal: polyploids, large leaves and flowers (diploid x tetraploid -> low germination of seeds)
23-007      c.p.   Kerttu9 X wardii10  Goal: yellow flowers.
23-008      c.p.   Kristian's Cute11 X Jobö12  Goal: narrow makinoi type indumented leaves.
23-009      c.p.   Kristian's Sunshine13 X (aureum x viscidifolium)14  Goal: yellow flowers.
23-010      c.p.   Kristian's Sunshine13 X Henrika15  Goal: yellow flowers with pink edges.
23-011      c.p.   Kristian's Sunshine13 X wardii10  Goal: yellow flowers.
23-012      c.p.   Lumotar17 X wardii10  Goal: yellow semi-double flowers with fragrance.
23-013      c.p.   Merja18 X Henrika15  Goal: orange yellow flowers.
23-014      c.p.   Merja18 X Peachmelody19  Goal: peach yellow flowers.
23-015      c.p.   Merja18 X wardii10  Goal: orange yellow flowers.
23-016      c.p.   Nikodemus20 X Kaivari #621  Goal: red double flowers.
23-017      c.p.   Peachmelody19 X wardii10  Goal: peach yellow flowers.
23-018      c.p.   Pekka22 X 1664 A (Kilimanjaro X L Engin)6  Goal: polyploids, large leaves and flowers (diploid x tetraploid -> low germination of seeds?)
23-019      c.p.   Pekka22 X L Engin8  Goal: polyploids, large leaves and flowers (diploid x tetraploid -> low germination of seeds?)
23-020      c.p.   Petteri23 X wardii10  Goal: yellow flowers.
23-021      o.p.   Punamax24  Goal: red maximum plants.
23-022      c.p.   Punamax24 X catawbiense, red4  Goal: red flowers.
23-023      c.p.   Red Tiger25 X catawbiense, red4  Goal: red flowers.
23-024      c.p.   smirnowii26 X fortunei27  Goal: fragrant, pink flowers.
   1 Blutopia: a Hachmann hybrid with violet flowers, Catawbiense Grandiflorum X Arthur Bedford
   2 Dramatic Dark: a Hachmann hybrid with dark violet flowers, Frank Galsworthy X Jonathan Shaw
   3 brachycarpum var. roseum, dwarf: a low and dense growing brachycarpum from Hokkaido, Japan
   4 catawbiense, red: a red flowering form of catawbiense
   5 Helsinki University: very hardy Finnish brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii (OP) hybrid, pink flowers
   6 1664 A (Kilimanjaro X L Engin): a tetraploid hybrid from Marc Colombel
   7 Gomer Waterer: a triploid hybrid from Waterer (before 1900)
   8 L Engin: a tetraploid hybrid from Marc Colombel
   9 Kerttu: a hardy hybrid from K. Theqvist, Helsinki University X Golden Coach
   10 wardii: good yellow form of the species
   11 Kristian's Cute: a hardy hybrid from K. Theqvist, Kullervo X Böhmen
   12 Jobö: a narrow leaved hybrid from J. Böhlje, makinoi X smirnowii
   13 Kristian's Sunshine: a good yellow hybrid from K. Theqvist, Kullervo X Goldprinz
   14 (aureum x viscidifolium): a cross from Bo Ringdal, raised by K. Theqvist, peach orange colored flowers
   15 Henrika: a hardy hybrid from K. Theqvist, Kullervo X Golden Coach
   17 Lumotar: a cross from J. Lähteenmäki, raised and named by K. Theqvist, Helsinki University X fortunei
   18 Merja: a hardy hybrid from K. Theqvist, Helsinki University X Böhmen
   19 Peachmelody: a cross from O. Jussila, raised and named by K. Theqvist, (brachycarpum x aureum) X Golden Melodie
   20 Nikodemus: a cross from P. H. Vestergaard, raised and named by K. Theqvist, selfed X nikomontanum
   21 Kaivari #6: a very hardy hybrid from the Helsinki University breeding program, brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X unidentified forrestii var. repens hybrid
   22 Pekka: very hardy Finnish hybrid, brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X smirnowii Seidel hybrid
   23 Petteri: a cross from the late Peter M. A. Tigerstedt, raised and named by K. Theqvist, brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X wardii
   24 Punamax: a selection of red maximum by K. Theqvist, three type of flowers on same plant
   25 Red Tiger: a cross from Sally and John Perkins, raised and named by K. Theqvist, Red River X brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii
   26 smirnowii: very hardy species from subsection Pontica, indumented leaves
   27 fortunei: a moderately hardy species from subsection Fortunea, fragrant flowers.
Photos and information on hybrids and species used in the crosses:

Frederick Thurber, Massachusetts, USA
23-025      h.p.   auriculatum, RSF 1458 X serotinum, RSF 1999/136
23-026      h.p.   Bob Furman Big Yellow X Dexter's Honeydew
23-027      h.p.   Cocheco Sweet perfume X Kehr's Hardy Loderi
23-028      c.p.   Loderi King George X Dexter's Spice
23-029      c.p.   Dexter's Spice x serotinum, RSF 1999/136

Chris Trautman, Oregon USA
23-030      h.p.   macabeanum selfed, alpine form

Richard Murcott, New York USA
23-031      h.p.   [(Apricot Fantasia x Martha Phipps) x (Phipps Yellow)] X (Phipps Yellow x unknown yellow)

Jack Looye, Nova Scotia, Canada
23-032      h.p.   (Bikini Island x Fiery Orange) X (Vine Mound sister x Fiery Orange)
23-033      h.p.   Consolini's Windmill X (Casanova x Sweet Lulu)
23-034      h.p.   Gold Prinz X Casanova
23-035      h.p.   (Lee's Dark Purple x Edith Bosley) X Dark Lord
23-036      h.p.   [(Vine Mount sister x Fiery Orange) x Rhodoland Or)] X (Casanova x Golden Ruby)
23-037      h.p.   Sundust X (Casanova x Sweet Lulu)
23-038      h.p.   (yakushimanum Aureum x Babylon) X Sibling Note: Big flowers, white with red blotch, some doubling.

Betty Ann Addison, Minnesota USA
23-039      h.p.   Cherry X yedoense var. poukhanense  Note: Cherry = (Karens X Violetta), hardy to -30ºF
23-040      o.p.   Dancing Coral  Note: Dancing Coral = (catawbiense X smirnowii), hardy to -36ºF
23-041      o.p.   Haaya, compact form.  Note: plant is next to Mikkeli and was from Patrick Vettling
23-042      o.p.   Tennis Ball  Note: Tennis Ball = (brachycarpum X White Peter), White with black lines. Hardy to -40ºF
23-043      com.   Lobelia cardinalis  Note: Minnesota native
23-044      com.   Asplenium scolopendrium  Note: aka Hart's tongue fern, hardy in Minnesota

Peter Norris, Massachusetts USA
23-045      h.p.   Babylon X platypodum
23-046      h.p.   Belva's Joy X platypodum
23-047      h.p.   Borneo x platypodum
23-048      h.p.   faberi ssp. faberi x platypodum
23-049      h.p.   Hardy Giant X platypodum
23-050      h.p.   Loderi Venus X platypodum
23-051      o.p.   Nathan Hale (Dexter)
23-052      h.p.   platypodum X Loderi King George
23-053      h.p.   platypodum X Spellbinder
23-054      h.p.   Sky Admiral X platypodum
23-055      o.p.   Sky Admiral
23-056      h.p.   yuefengense X Sally Fuller
23-057      com.   Asclepia incarnata, pink  Note: [likes damp] wild collected - Chilmark, MA
23-058      com.   Belamcanda chinensis (blackberry lily)
23-059      com.   Iris foetidissima
23-060      com.   Lilium martagon
23-061      com.   Lobelia cardinalis  Note: wild collected
23-062      com.   Lobelia cardinalis  Note: wild collected Martha's Vinyard
23-063      com.   Yucca filamentosa X Yucca arkansana

Rick Edwards, Missouri USA
23-064      o.p.   Annabella (exbury 2n)
23-065      o.p.   Annabella (exbury)
23-066      h.p.   austrinum selfed, white
23-067      h.p.   austrinum, white X Klondyke 4n
23-068      h.p.   austrinum, white X Ralph Phillips (flammeum cross)
23-069      o.p.   Mandarin Lights
23-070      h.p.   Mandarin Lights X Klondyke
23-071      o.p.   Midnight Flare

Hannu Saarilahti, Finland
23-072      c.p.   Germania X L Engin1
23-073      c.p.   Hellikki2 X pocophorum var. pocophorum, RSF 1975/054
23-074      c.p.   Hellikki2 X bureavioides5
23-075      c.p.   Wladyslaw Lokietek3 X Makiyak4
23-076      c.p.   Wladyslaw Lokietek X proteoides, RSF 1987/022
23-077      c.p.   Wladyslaw Lokietek X rex ssp. rex, RSF 1998/629
23-078      c.p.   Wladyslaw Lokietek X thayerianum, RSF 1966/605
   1 Polyploid offspring expected. Germania and L Engin are both fertile tetraploids with huge pink flowers (diam. 10 cm and 13 cm, respectively) with spots.
    Pollen from L Engin was a gift from Marc Colombel via Kristian Theqvist. Offspring expected to get hardiness of max. -18ºC (0ºF).
   2 Hellikki is a hardy Finnish smirnowii hybrid with large pink flowers and indumented leaves. See ARS database, registration ref. RHS 94.
   3 Wladyslaw Lokietek is a Polish yakushimanum type hybrid originating from the cross Hellikki X Koichiro Wada.
   4 Makiyak is a cross of R. makinoi X R. yakushimanum ssp. yakushimanum, made by Werner Wüstemeyer before 1989. Makiyak has pink flowers fainting to white and
    yakushimanum-type indumented but narrow leaves.
  5 Pollen from bureavioides was a gift from Kristian Theqvist, Finland.

Joe Bruso, Massachusetts USA
23-079      c.p.   Dick Brooks1 X Cinnamon Bear
23-080      c.p.   fargesii 'Rudy Berg'2 X (Hardy Giant x yuefengense)
23-081      c.p.   fargesii 'Rudy Berg' X (yuefengense x platypodum)
23-082      c.p.   Golfer X [(catawbiense x yak) x macabeanum)]  Note: Pollen parent has light yellow flowers.
23-083      c.p.   Harold Amateis X onii, 2020 RSF2013/439
23-084      c.p.   maximum Red Picotee X cardiobasis, 2022 RSF
23-085      c.p.   [(Nepal x fortunei) x rex ssp. fictolacteum] X [(catawbiense x yak) x macabeanum]
23-086      o.p.   pentaphyllum (likely selfed)
23-087      c.p.   (yuefengense x platypodum) X cardiobasis, 2022 RSF
23-088      c.p.   (yuefengense x platypodum) X qiaojiaense, 2019 RSF14/250
   1 Dick Brooks = Dexter's Giant Red X yak, pink flowers with red throat.
   2 Per Hootman, Rudy Berg keys out to oreodoxa x orbiculare.

Ray Clack, Oregon USA
23-89      o.p.   calendulaceum
23-90      o.p.   Clear Creek Aromi
23-90A    o.p.   bureavii
23-91      o.p.   Crater Lake
23-92      o.p.   haematodes ssp. chaetomallum
23-93      o.p.   Edith Greene
23-94      o.p.   Evening Glow
23-95      o.p.   falconeri ssp. eximium
23-96      o.p.   Exotic
23-97      o.p.   Golden Maya
23-98      o.p.   Lightly Lavender
23-99      o.p.   Loderi King George
23-100      o.p.   Loderi - possibly King George
23-101      o.p.   Loderi Sir Edmund
23-102      o.p.   Nancy Evans
23-103      o.p.   Orange Cameo
23-104      o.p.   Royal Star
23-104A    o.p.   Ruby Bowman
23-105      o.p.   sanctum
23-106      o.p.   Vanessa
23-107      o.p.   vernicosum
23-108      o.p.   sutchuenense var. geraldii
23-109      o.p.   (fortunei X fortunei)  Note: fragrant, plant from ARS seed exchange lot #97-410
23-110      o.p.   unnamed pink hybridP1  Note: new foliage is colored.
23-111      o.p.   (Yellow Saucer X Paprika Spiced)P2  Dick Cavender hybrid.
23-112      o.p.   (Top Banana X Crest)P3  Note plant from ARS seed exchange lot #96-1271
23-112A     com.   BletillaP4  Hardy orchid.
P1 Photo at:
P2 Photo at:
P3 Photo at:
P4 Photo at:

Mike McCullough, California USA
23-113      c.w.   occidentale Portola 25061
23-114      c.w.   occidentale Mt. Tam 13122
23-114A    c.w.   occidentale Mt. Tam 1804
23-115      c.w.   occidentale Mt. Tam 26073
23-116      c.w.   occidentale Mt. Tam 27044
23-117      c.w.   occidentale Mt. Tam 29035
23-118      c.w.   occidentale Mt. Tam 32036
23-119      c.w.   occidentale
23-120      c.w.   occidentale7
23-121      c.w.   occidentale
23-122      com.  Euphorbia rigida
1 White, 2½” flowers, 18 to 20 per truss, yellow flare with a white streak running down the middle, pink tube.
2 White, 2½” flowers, 10 per truss, pink tube, lower half of petal from tip to base is a faint pink. Some flowers have 6 petals.
3 White flowers, 11 to 14 flowers per truss, pink tube, pink candy stripe, yellow flare, pink vertical band at center; outside pink rays at the midrib.
4 White, 2½” flowers, 17 per truss, orange flare that fades to yellow.
5 White, 2½” flowers, 16 flowers per truss, yellow flare with a white line running down the middle.
6 White, 2" flowers, 13 to 15 flowers per truss, pink tube and a pink line running up the petal to the tip.
7 Orange to red fall foliage.

Tomasz Cyba, Poland
23-123      h.p.   Dotella X (arboreum 'Blood Red' x basilicum)  Goal: big-leaf red
23-124      h.p.   (fortunei x macabeanum) X Silbervelours  Goal: compact plant with large leaves and flowers
23-125      h.p.   Jingle Bells X Glendoick Vanilla  Goal: yellow, good foliage
23-126      h.p.   Jingle Bells X Silbervelours  Goal: yellow, indumentum
23-127      h.p.   Vulcan X (arboreum 'Blood Red' x R. basilicum)  Goal: big-leaf red, indumentum
23-128      h.p.   Vulcan X arboreum ssp. albotomentosum  Goal: red, flowering after late frosts, indumentum

Ed Reekie, Ontario Canada
23-129      o.p.   calendulaceum
23-130      o.p.   mucronulatum
23-131      o.p.   yedoense

Jaakko Saarinen, Arboretum Mustila, Finland
23-132      c.p.   [brachycarpum ssp. brachycarpum x aureum (from Kamtchatka)] X yuefengense (from Stöckmann)
23-133      c.p.   catawbiense (c.w. Mt. Mitchell 2000 m) X yuefengense (from Glendoick)
23-134      h.p.   comisteum, Cox 654 (small leaved) X forrestii, Rock 11169
23-135      o.p.   schlippenbachii (very diverse)
23-136      c.p.   Seidel no. 13P1 X Goldsworth Orange
23-137      c.p.   Seidel no. 13P1 X Omega
23-138      c.p.   yuefengense (from Stöckmann) X yuefengense (from Glendoick)
P1 Photo at:

Tony Clayton, Massachusetts USA
23-139      c.w.   macrophyllum from Manning Park, BC

Patricia Swift, Oregon USA
23-140      c.w.   macrophyllum  Note: collected near Florence Golf Links
23-140A    c.w.   macrophyllum  Note: Collected along the Sutton Creek Loop trail

Erhard Moser, Germany
23-141      o.p.   dichroanthum 'bohmen'
23-142      o.p.   decorum, ex KR 7714
23-143      o.p.   fortunei
23-144      o.p.   insigne
23-145      o.p.   oligocarpum
23-146      o.p.   orbiculare ssp. cardiobasis
23-147      c.p.   pachypodum
23-148      c.p.   ungernii
23-149      c.p.   wallichii
23-150      o.p.   yakushimanum 'Edelweiss'

Mike Stilwell, Virginia USA
23-151      h.p.   (Baden Baden x Quaker Lake1) X (hyperythrum x Unique)
23-152      h.p.   Caroline x catawbiense, Hanging Rock State Park
23-153      c.w.   cumberlandense2
23-154      h.p.   (Glendden x Dexter's Orange) X (hyperythrum x Unique)
23-155      h.p.   (makinoi x Enamoto) X adenopodum
23-156      o.p.   pseudochrysanthum
   1 Quaker Lake = hyperythrum X Dexter's Peppermint
   2 Mostly orange and yellow collected at Whitetop Mt, Grayson Co, Virginia

Jeff Thompson, Massachusetts USA
23-157      h.p.   cinnabarinum X Red Quest
23-158      h.p.   dauricum 'Hyakawa Heck' X Red Quest
23-159      h.p.   Red Quest X tephropeplum

Mike Creel, South Carolina, USA
23-160      o.p.   minus Carolinianum Creel's Snowbank1
23-161      o.p.   chapmanii2
23-162      h.p.   minus Early Minus3
   1 Pure white, isolated plant and produces selfed white seedling
   2 From pink and white group on left trail, in pure stand, isolated from all other evergreen rhodos.
   3 Light pink, compact erect plant, outstanding bloomer, earlier than species.

John Weagle, Nova Scotia Canada
23-163      h.p.   spinuliferum, ex NN0945

Robert Zimmerman, Washington USA
23-164      h.p.   rex
23-165      h.p.   hyperythrum
23-166      h.p.   pseudochrysanthum
23-167      h.p.   rex ssp. fictolacteum

Mark Mosinski, Washington USA
23-168      h.p.   arizelum
23-169      h.p.   adenogynum
23-170      h.p.   fortunei
23-171      c.w.   macrophyllum
23-200      h.p.   aberconwayi
23-201      h.p.   macabeanum
23-202      h.p.   niveum

Richard Flavell, Connecticut USA
23-172      h.p.   Sky Admiral X sinofalconeri, Bones
23-173      h.p.   Summer Snow X sinofalconeri, Bones

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, Washington USA
23-174      h.p.   anwheiense
23-175      h.p.   arboreum ssp. cinnamomeum var. cinnamomeum
23-176      h.p.   arboreum ssp. cinnamomeum var. roseum
23-177      h.p.   asterochnoum
23-178      h.p.   auriculatum
23-179      h.p.   calophytum var. calophytum
23-180      h.p.   cardiobasis  Note: the real thing - first introduction
23-180A    h.p.   denudatum
23-181      h.p.   fortunei ssp. discolor  Note: Guizhou form with narrow leaves and white flowers with a green blotch
23-181A    h.p.   fortunei ssp. fortunei
23-182      h.p.   fortunei ssp. fortunei  Note: Round-leaf form collected in Guangxi
23-183      h.p.   glanduliferum
23-184      h.p.   griersonianum
23-185      h.p.   huanum
23-186      h.p.   jingangshanicum  Note: first introduction
23-187      h.p.   macabeanum
23-187A    h.p.   magnificum
23-188      h.p.   makinoi
23-189      h.p.   maoerense
23-190      h.p.   morii
23-191      h.p.   nipponicum
23-191A    h.p.   niveum
23-192      h.p.   oreodoxa var. fargesii
23-193      h.p.   quinquefolium
23-194      h.p.   rex ssp. fictolacteum
23-195      h.p.   rex ssp. rex   withdrawn lot
23-196      h.p.   rothschildii
23-197      h.p.   sutchuenense
23-198      h.p.   thomsonii

Ron Rabideau, New Jersey, USA
23-199      c.w.   brachycarpum ssp. fauriei  Note: Collected from Sikhote-Alin State Nature Biosphere Reserve in Russia


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