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Seed Exchange Ordering Information

Priorities and Key Dates:

○  Contributor orders will be filled first.  Set "Seed Contributor?" on order form page to "Yes".

○  Until March 15th only members of the American Rhododendron Society may order seed.
    After March 15th anyone may order seeds.

○  Distribution will begin in early February after orders are received from the furthest regions and from those
    who have access to regular mail service only.

○  Please submit your order as soon as possible; some lot numbers are in short supply.

To Place Your Order:

○  Go to Order Form Page.  List your first and second choice seed lot numbers in numeric order.  Also tell us if we may
    make additional substitutions.  You may select one packet of as many seed lots as you desire.  Quantity of seed per
    packet (usually 50-200) is a function of the quantity of seed received from each donor.

○  ARS member's orders from within the USA:

    Please do not send payment with seed orderSend payment only after seed is received.  Do not send cash.
    If paying by check (option choice #1) the check should be made out to: ARS Seed Exchange. You can also pay by
  credit card via PayPal. (payment choice #2).  We will instruct PayPal to contact you by e-mail for payment after your
    order is shipped.  There is no charge to you for paying via PayPal.

○  ARS members orders from outside the USA:

○  Danish chapter members: if you pay your treasurer, please select "Bill Danish Chapter" on your order
    (payment choice #3).  Payment can also be made by credit card via PayPal (payment choice #5)

○  Swedish chapter members: if you pay your treasurer, please select "Bill Swedish Chapter" on your
    order (payment choice #4).  Payment can also be made by credit card via PayPal (payment choice #6)

○  Dutch, Finnish, Hooker, and Scottish chapter members, and members residing outside the U.S. who belong to a U.S.
    chapter, are requested to pay by credit card via PayPal. (payment choice #7).

○  Canadian chapter members: after receipt of seed please pay by postal money order in US funds or pay
    by credit card via PayPal (payment option #8)

○  Non-Chapter ARS members: please pay upon receipt of seed.  Payment can be made by postal money order
    or PayPal after receipt of seed. (payment option #9)

○  Non ARS member's, upon notification of the amountdue, send the exchange payment in full. Your order will be
    dispatched when your payment is received.(payment option #10)

○  Credit Card Payment: If you elect to pay by credit card, we will request PayPal to contact you by email to obtain
    secure credit card information.

Seed Packet Cost:

○  Seed is $3.00 per packet.

○  Postage and handling fee is $3.50 for U.S. orders.

○  Postal rates have increased dramatically for international shipments. Rates now vary by country. After an international order
    is submitted, the Seed Exchange will send back an email message with the correct postal and handling fee to be included
    in the total payment.

Mail payment to:

 ARS Seed Exchange
 7921 Deepwell Drive
 Bethesda, MD 20817-1927


○  Seed Packaging: Jean and Norman Beaudry, Ginger and Sam Burd
○  Proof Reading: Bob Weissman, Hans Eiberg
○  Websites: Bob Weissman (USA), Hans Eiberg (Denmark)

Pollen-to-Seed Program:

To encourage participation in the seed exchange program, and to make available quality pollen, seed contributors are entitled to request up to a $50.00 in credit for pollen purchases made each year from the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden at or a catalog may be requested by mail at RSBG, PO Box 3798, Federal Way, WA 98063. To participate, we ask you to submit your order and identify yourself as an ARS seed contributor. The RSBG will mail pollen directly to you and then bill the Seed Exchange.

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