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Seed Exchange Ordering Information

Priorities and Key Dates:

○  Contributors will have order preference until January 26.  Set "Seed Contributor?" on order form page to "Yes".

○  Non-contributor orders will be filled in the order they are received after contributor priority orders are filled.

○  Until March 15 only members of the American Rhododendron Society may order seed.  After March 15
    anyone may order seeds.

○  Please submit your order as soon as possible; some lot numbers are in short supply.

To Place Your Order:

○  Go to Order Form Page.  List your first and second choice seed lot numbers in numeric order.  Also tell us if we may
    make any substitutions.  You may select one packet of as many seed lots as you desire.  Quantity of seed per
    packet (usually 50-200) is a function of the quantity of seed received from each donor. On the order form select the
    appropriate option shown below:

○  Orders from ARS member residing within the USA:

    Please do not send payment with seed orderSend payment only after seed is received.  Do not send cash.
    If paying by check the check should be made out to: ARS Seed Exchange. You can also pay via PayPal.
    We will instruct PayPal to contact you by e-mail for payment after your order is shipped.  There is no charge to you when
    paying via PayPal.  Postage and handling fee is $3.00.

○  Orders from ARS member residing in Canada:

    After receipt of seed, please pay by postal money order in US funds or pay via PayPal.  Postage and handling fee is
    $12.00 USD for Canadian orders.

○  ARS members residing outside North American:

    All shipments outside of North America require a phytosanitary certificate.  Each certificate is $15 USD.
    (Actual cost of the certificate is $30, the ARS seed exchange is subsidizing half the cost.)  The exchange encourages
    overseas ARS members to band together and share the $15 cost.  Phytosanitary consigner groups have been
    predefined for orders from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and The Netherlands.

    Instructions for group phytosanitary certificate orders:
    ○  On the Order Form Page select the group phytosanitary certificate option.
    ○  On the order form select a consigner group country to share in the phytosanitary certificate cost.
    ○  All orders will be held and shipped together to country consigners by February 15.
    ○  After receiving the group order, consigners will mail the individual orders on to each individual.

   After February 15, all orders received from the countries with consigners must pay for their own individual
   phytosanitary certificate ($15 USD).

Consigner Groups

Kurt Dinesen
Harndrup skov 22
5463 Harndrup, Denmark

Hannu Saarilahti
Rantakiventie, 14 B 6, 00960
Helsinki, Finland

Henrik Åström
sebbarp 503,241 62
löberöd Sweden

The Netherlands
Borsje, Henk
Leiboom 17
4731 XG
Oudenbosch, Netherlands

○  Orders from ARS members residing in countries without a consigner group:

    You will have to pay for an individual phytosanitary certificate ($15 USD).  Members can band together if they
    wish to split the cost.  Contact ARS Seed Exchange to combine orders.  Postage and handling fee is $10.00.

○  Orders from non-ARS members:

○  Orders are welcomed from non-ARS members after March 15.  Upon notification of the amount due, payment
    is due in full to the seed exchange.  Your order will be shipped when your payment is received.

Seed Exchange Pricing:

○  Seed is $3.00 USD per packet.

○  Phytosanitary certificate fee: Group orders - The $15 cost of the certificate will be divided equally among all participants
    in each group.  As the number of participants in each group may vary, the certificate cost will appear as “$TBD” when you
    initially place your order online at the ARS website.  After closure of group orders on February 15, you will receive an
    invoice sent by email showing the cost of the group phytosanitary certificate.  Non-group orders - $15.00.

○  Postage and handling fee: U.S. orders: $3.00, Canadian orders: $12.00 USD, non-group international orders: $10.00.

○  For group certificate orders the $10 international postage and handling fee will be equally divided among all participants.
    When you initially place your online order the fee will be shown as ”$TBD”.  You will be sent a purchase invoice that shows
    the exact amount due to be paid for postage and handling.

○  For payments via PayPal, at the PayPal website you have the option of paying by credit card, debit card, e-check,
    or personal PayPal account. One does not need to signup for a PayPal account to pay via the PayPal website.  You
    will receive an email from the seed exchange listing your seed order details and payment due.  When your order
    is mailed, you will receive an email message from PayPal requesting payment.  The PayPal bill is due within 90 days.

Mail address for payments:

 ARS Seed Exchange
 10930 S Huntington Drive
 Oregon City, OR

Pollen-to-Seed Program:

To encourage participation in the seed exchange program, and to make available quality pollen, seed contributors are entitled to request up to a $50.00 in credit for pollen purchases made each year from the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden at or a catalog may be requested by mail at RSBG, PO Box 3798, Federal Way, WA 98063. To participate, we ask you to submit your order and identify yourself as an ARS seed contributor. The RSBG will mail pollen directly to you and then bill the Seed Exchange.

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