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Seed Exchange Lots for 2021

h.p.  - Hand pollinated seeds.
c.p.  - Controlled pollination. (Stigma covered after pollination)
o.p.  - Open pollination.
c.w. - Collected in the wild.
com. - Companion plants.

Lots marked with strikethrough are "sold out".

Kristian Theqvist, Finland
21-001      o.p.   Bohmen1 Gives surprises as open-pollinated, possibly pink, red, peach or orange
21-002      c.p.   Edelweiss2 X Crimson Pippin3 Goal: red flowers, indumentum, compact growth
21-003      c.p.   Fantastica4 X Crimson Pippin3 Goal: Red flowers, indumentum
21-004      c.p.   Gunter Dinger5 X Blutopia6 Goal: Purple flowers with stripes
21-005      c.p.   Gunter Dinger5 X smirnowii7 Goal: Purple flowers with stripes, very good hardiness
21-006      c.p.   Koichiro Wada8 X bureavii9 Goal: good looking indumented leaves
21-007      c.p.   Koichiro Wada8 X Fuju-kaku-no-matsu10 Goal: narrow indumented leaves
21-008      c.p.   Kristian's Cute11 X Fuju-kaku-no-matsu10 Goal: Peach/orange flowers, indumented narrow leaves
21-009      c.p.   Kristian's Moonlight12 X dichroanthum ssp. scyphocalyx13 Goal: Orange flowers, compact growth
21-010      c.p.   Merja14 X Fuju-kaku-no-matsu10 Goal: Orange flowers, narrow leaves, compact growth
21-011      c.p.   Mikkeli15 X Cherry Kiss16 Goal: Red flowers, good hardiness
21-012      c.p.   smirnowii7 X Cherry Kiss16 Goal: Red flowers, good hardiness
21-013      c.p.   smirnowii7 X thayerianum17 Goal: good looking leaves with indumentum, hardiness
21-014      o.p.   pilosum18 Comes true as no other Menziesia close by
21-015      c.w.   tomentosum19 Collected on a march in Turku Archipelago, Finland
21-016      o.p.   luteum20 Possibly self-pollinated but there are many other tetraploid azaleas close-by
21-017      o.p.   Schneegold21 As open-pollinated gives large variation in flower color and shape
21-018      c.p.   viscosum X cumberlandense Goal: fragrant red flowered azaleas
   1 Bohmen: assumed to be a selection of dichroanthum ssp. scyphocalyx, but I think it is a hybrid
   2 Edelweiss: selection of yakushimanum
   3 Crimson Pippin: yakushimanum X sanguineum var. haemaleum, dark red flowers
   4 Fantastica: a red flowered yak hybrid, Mars X Koichiro Wada
   5 Gunter Dinger: complex cross from Hachmann, dark purple flowers with white stripes
   6 Blutopi: Catawbiense Grandiflorum X Arthur Bedford', strong purple flowers
   7 smirnowii: a very hardy species with indumented leaves
   8 Koichiro Wada: selection of yakushimanum, white flowers, nice indumentum
   9 bureavii: white flowers with red blotch, thick indumentum
   10 Fuju-kaku-no-matsu: selection of makinoi
   11 Kristian's Cute: Kullervo X Bohmen, a variance of colors, narrow indumented leaves, compact growth
   12 Kristian's Moonlight: P.M.A. Tigerstedt X Alli, light yellow flowers, compact growth, good hardiness
   13 dichroanthum ssp. scyphocalyx: orange flowers
   14 Merja: Helsinki University X Bohmen pink/orange/yellow flowers, compact growth, good hardiness
   15 Mikkeli: brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X smirnowii, large white/pink flowers, large indumented leaves, very good hardiness
   16 Cherry Kiss: one of the best red flowered hybrids from Hachmann, very complex cross
   17 thayerianum: a species from subsection Argyrophylla, narrow indumented leaves
   18 pilosum: former name Menziesia pilosa
   19 tomentosum: former Ledum palustre
   20 luteum: yellow flowered fragrant deciduous azalea
   21 Schneegold: a deciduous azalea, cross 'Saint' Ruan' X 'Cecile', has been a good parent
   More information with photos at

Bill Butts, Georgia USA
21-019      h.p.   Janet Blair X Gold Prinz

Don Selcer, California USA
21-020      com.   Lilium regale  6 - 8' Almost certain to be selfed.

Chris Trautmann, Oregon USA
21-021      o.p.   Killer Diller
21-022      h.p.   macabeanum FGW X Kathy Bones
21-023      h.p.   magnificum (Thompson's) X sinofalconeri RSBG #188
21-024      h.p.   Sir George Martin X macabeanum (Bone's #1)

Richard Flavell, Oregon USA
21-025      h.p.   protistum X Kathy Bones

Johnny Svensson, Sweden
21-026      c.p.   insigne (ARS 01/1) X flinckii (Cox)
21-027      c.p.   insigne (ARS 01/1) X rex ssp. fictolacteum (ARS 97/316)

Norman Beaudry, Maryland USA
21-028      h.p.   fortunei Lu Shan X Sinomac?  Pollen from Trautmann-Bones
21-029      h.p. Hardy Giant X rex ssp. fictolacteum (RSF 77-417)

Betty Ann Addison, Minnesota USA
21-030      h.p.   Bellefontaine X (Visiting Angels x Haaga)
21-031      c.w.   carolinianum1 compact from Coit Estate in Rhode Island. Seed from 100 year old plants
21-032      c.w.   catawbiense high elevation EN/ Ex Mike Heim
21-033      h.p.   Haaga X ririei
21-034      h.p.   (Helsinki University x Dr. Lutton) X Rosalie's Wine (a dark cat. hybrid)
21-035      o.p.   Madison Snow
21-036      h.p.   Misty Blush 2, 3 X ririei
21-037      o.p.   Mountain Marriage
21-038      o.p.   mucronulatum bright lavender1
21-039      h.p.   Ruby Parasol X smirnowii1
21-040      o.p.   smirnowii likely selfed
21-041      h.p.   Suzy Goldlust X Spatter Paint
21-042      h.p.   Tennis Ball 1, 4 X Kathryn Dalton
21-043      h.p.   Tennis Ball X Suzy Gee
21-044      h.p.   Trinity X Suzy Goldlust
21-045      com.   Lobelia cardinalis deep red
   1 -35 degrees
   2 -40 degrees
   3 Misty Blush: brachycarpum compactum X White Peter
   4 Tennis Ball: brachycarpum X White Peter

Lloyd Gilmore, BC Canada
21-046      h.p.   (Butter Brickle x Marie Starks) X selfed #1
21-047      h.p.   Champagne Lace X (Party Orange x Parksville Sunset)
21-048      h.p.   Champagne Lace X Porzellan
21-049      h.p.   (Jeda x Dexter's Spice) 'pink' X yuefengense 2008 438 RSF
21-050      h.p.   (Party Orange x Parksville Sunset) X (Butter Brickle x Marie Starks #1)
21-051      h.p.   Mango Tango X (Butter Brickle x Marie Starks #1)
21-052      h.p.   Mango Tango X (Party Orange x Parksville Sunset)
21-053      h.p.   Rocky Point X (Sooke Clouds x sanguineum #2)
21-054      h.p.   Seaview Sunset X (Horizon Lakeside x Parksville Sunset)
21-055      h.p.   Seaview Sunset X (Party Orange x Parksville Sunset #2)
21-056      h.p.   (Sooke Clouds x Neri Rosevallon) X yuefengense 2008/238 RSF
21-057      h.p.   (Sooke Clouds x sanguineum) X (Horizon Lakeside x Parksville Sunset #1)

Joe Bruso, Massachusetts USA
21-058      h.p.   Andrew Paton1 X Lorry Roeder2
21-059      h.p.   (degronianum x maximum) X asterochnoum 2018 98/561 RSF
21-060      h.p.   Dexter's Champagne3 X Cupcake
21-061      h.p.   Golfer X Larry Roeder2
21-062      h.p.   Golfer X (yak x macabeanum 'Little Mac' Patterson)
21-063      h.p.   (maximum x makinoi) X [(maximum x yak) x elegantulum #1] foliage
21-064      h.p.   [(maximum x yak) x elegantulum #1]8 X pachysanthum 2016 96/006 RSF
21-065      h.p.   (maximum Red Picotee x pachysanthum) X [(maximum x yak) x elegantulum #1] Goal: foliage
21-066      h.p.   (maximum Red Picotee x pachysanthum) X pachysanthum Goal: more robust pachysanthum
21-067      h.p.   (metternichii var. kyomaruense x rex) X Larry Roeder2
21-068      h.p.   [Nepal x (fortunei x rex ssp. fictolacteum)] X Larry Roeder2 Goal: large leaves, indumentum
21-069      h.p.   orbiculare ssp. cardiobasis4 X yuefengense Goal: round leaves
21-070      h.p.   [(yak x lacteum) x (yak x macabeanum)]5 X (metternichii var. kyomaruense x rex ssp. rex)
21-071      h.p.   [(yak x makinoi) x (strigillosum x macabeanum)]6 X (makinoi x strigillosum)
21-072      h.p.   (yak x pachysanthum)7 X pubicostatum Goal: foliage, tomentum
   1 Andrew Paton is Scintillation X calophytum
   2 Lorry Roeder is yak X rex
   3 Peachy yellow from Van Veen, maybe not true DC
   4 Seed parent probably not true to name. Flowers are large fragrant white with oval leaves
   5 Seed parent has light yellow flowers
   6 Both parents have red flowers
   7 Seed parent has intensely frosty tomentum
   8 Deep green point foliage held upright so tan/orange indumentum can be seen

Doug Keough, Washington USA
21-073      h.p.   Horizon Fiesta X Royal Star
21-074      h.p.   Kubla Khan X [(wardii x Lem's Wardii) x Kilimanjaro]p2
21-075      h.p.   {{[(Lem's Cameo x Polynesian Sunset) x Ring of Fire] x Nike} x Ostbo's Red Elizabeth}p3 X sanguineum var. haemaleum
21-076      h.p.   Pacific Sunset X [(wardii x Lem's Wardii) x Kilimanjaro]p2
21-077      h.p.   Paprika Spiced X {{(Lem's Cameo x Polynesian Sunset) x Ring of Fire] x Nike} x Ostbo's Red Elizabeth}p3
21-078      h.p.   Paprika Spiced X sanguineum var. haemaleum
21-079      h.p.   Paprika Spiced X [(wardii x Lem's Wardii) x Kilimanjaro]p2
21-080      h.p.   (Paprika Spiced x Marie Stark)p1 X sanguineum var. haemaleum
21-081      h.p.   [(wardii x Lem's Wardii) x Kilimanjaro] X {{(Lem's Cameo x Polynesian Sunset) x Ring of Fire] x Nike} x Ostbo's Red Elizabeth}p3
  p1 Photo at:
  p2 Photo at:
  p3 Photo at:

Frederick Thurber, Massachusetts USA
21-082      h.p.   Campfire Peach X Spice good form and fragrance
21-083      h.p.   Cocheco Sweet Perfume X Hardy Loderi hardy, fragrant
21-084      h.p.   Cocheco Sweet Perfume X Spice  fragrant, hardy
21-085      h.p.   Honeydew X Hardy Loderi
21-086      h.p.   Main St X Hardy Loderi large flowers, fragrance
21-087      h.p.   Peppermint X Hardy Loderi fragrance and flower
21-088      h.p.   Spice X Hardy Loderi

John Perkins, New Hampshire USA
21-089      c.w.   periclymenoides Collected in Exeter, RI
21-090      h.p.   Scarlet Romance X (smirnowii x Medusa - red form)
21-091      c.w.   canadense Collected at Amherst, NH

Jay Lunn, Oregon USA
21-092      o.p.   occidentalep1 Likely pollinated from the duplicate clone next to it.
  p1 Photo at:

Mike Oliver, Oregon USA
21-093      h.p.   occidentale SM303 X occidentale 20A-1
21-094      h.p.   occidentale SM303 X occidentale SM104
21-095      h.p.   occidentale (SM30 x 2406)20-1 X occidentale (SM189 x SM 232)
21-096      h.p.   occidentale (SM30 x 2406) F2 cross
21-097      h.p.   occidentale (SM30 x 2406)20-1 X occidentale (SM28-3 x SM30)
Comments: All seeds in this collection are intraspecific crosses of R. occidentale. SM303 is a Smith-Mossman find. This selection has a thin purple picotee on all flowers.
20A-1 is similar to SM303 but the picotee is slightly thicker.
SM104 - many of the flowers have seven petals. The goal SM303 X SM104 is to produce SM303 like flowers that have seven petals.
(SM30 x 2406)20-1 is a selection from a cross to produce flowers with lots of pink and yellow.
(SM189 x SM232) is a Dick Cavender cross which produces larger flowers with frills.
(SM30 x 2406) F2 cross - goal of having some plants with more of both pink and yellow.
SM28-3 is a petaloid double on some of its flowers. SM30 has much yellow on all five petals. The cross of SM28-3 X SM30 has resulted in a plant with some flowers being petaloid with lots of yellow on the petals. They are crossed with (SM30 x 2406), described above.

John Weagle, Nova Scotia Canada
21-098      o.p.   canadense Collected at Prospect Bay, NS
21-099      h.p.   carolinianum (Chamagne)
21-100      o.p.   Charme-La (carolinianum x patulum)
21-101      h.p.   dauricum var. album best form
21-102      o.p.   mucronulatum 'Cheju'
21-103      o.p.   mucronulatum (Woodland Pink x Cornell Pink)
21-104      h.p.   spinuliferum orange

Richard Murcott, New York USA
21-105      o.p.   schlippenbachii alba

Lonnie Player, North Carolina USA
21-106      h.p.   Babar1 X Very Berry2
21-107      h.p.   Kaye Player3 X Very Berry2
21-108      h.p.   Very Berry2 X Very Berry2
   1 Cross tag file #Player 2-20
   2 Cross tag file #Player 1-20  Good clear red elepidote that is tetraploid or pentaploid.
   3 Cross tag file #Player 4-20

Hannu Saarilati, Finland
21-109      c.p.   Blewbury X pachysanthum RSF 1978/064
21-110      c.p.   Blewbury X pocophorum var. pocophorum RSF 1975/054
21-111      c.p.   Blewbury X thayerianum RSF 1966/605
21-112      c.p.   Haaga1 X forrestii var. repens2 Rock 59174
21-113      c.p.   Lumotar3 X maoerense RSF 2007/171
21-114      c.p.   Lumotar3 X ririei RSF 2002/310
21-115      c.p.   Mandarin Lights X Onnimanni6
21-116      c.p.   Mauritz4 X barbatum RSF 2000/081
21-117      c.p.   Mauritz4 X forrestii var. repens Rock 59174
21-118      c.p.   Mauritz4 X pocophorum var. pocophorum RSF 1975/054
21-119      c.p.   yuefengense (Millais, US) X Mikkeli5 (Saint Michael)
Finnish hardy varieties used in above crosses.
   1 Haaga (RHS94) parentage: brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X Doctor H.C. Dresselhuys
   2 Pollen was kindly donated by J. Saarinen, Arboretum Mutila, Finland
   3 Lumotar: Helsinki University X fortunei Kew. White flowers with light green stripes.
   4 Mauritz: brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X forrestii Repens Group, red flowers
   5 Mikkeli (Staint Michel): brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X smirnowii
   6 Onnimanni has yellow flowers. Parentage: Nancy Waterer X unnamed yellow in Arboretum Mustila.

Peter Norris, Massachusetts USA
21-120      h.p.   Dexter's Apple Blossom X Dexter's Honeydew
21-121      h.p.   Dexter's Peppermint X Dexter's Honeydew
21-122      h.p.   Eye Pleaser (Delp) selfed
21-123      h.p.   fortunei ssp. discolor X Alpine macabeanum
21-124      h.p.   fortunei ssp. discolor X Inamorata
21-125      o.p.   fortunei ssp. fortunei 'Barto's Favorite' RSBG
21-126      h.p.   (fortunei x Mary Phipps) X Dexter's Apple Blossom
21-127      h.p.   (fortunei x Mary Phipps) X (yuefengense x fortunei)
21-128      h.p.   Inamorata X fortunei ssp. discolor
21-129      h.p.   Jean Marie de Montague X (yuefengense x platypodum)
21-130      h.p.   (maximum x makinoi) X auriculatum
21-131      h.p.   Nathan Hale X (yuefengense x fortunei)
21-132      o.p.   (yuefengense x fortunei #2)
21-133      h.p.   (yuefengense x Jenny Tabol) X (fortunei x Mary Phipps)
21-134      h.p.   (yuefengense x Jenny Tabol) X (yuefengense x fortunei)
21-135      o.p.   (yuefengense x Sally Feller)

Bengt Carlsson, Sweden
21-136      h.p.   searsiae
21-137      h.p.   concinnum

Mike McCullough, California USA
21-138      o.p.   columbianum1
21-139      o.p.   occidentale Cuyamaca 4032
21-140      o.p.   occidentale Cuyamaca 10053
21-141      o.p.   occidentale Cuyamaca 27034
21-142      o.p.   occidentale Cuyamaca 31085
21-143      o.p.   occidentale Mt Tam 13126
21-144      o.p.   occidentale Mt Tam 23037
21-145      o.p.   occidentale Mt Tam 26078
21-146      o.p.   occidentale Mt Tam 27049
21-147      o.p.   occidentale Mt Tam 311010
21-148      o.p.   occidentale Palomar 10511
21-149      o.p.   occidentale Palomar 40212
21-150      o.p.   occidentale Palomar 60513
21-151      o.p.   occidentale Palomar 120614
21-152      o.p.   occidentale Palomar 131815
21-153      h.p.   occidentale Cuyamaca 1318 X occidentale (Stagecoach Hill)16
   1 Sea Ranch, Sonoma County, California. East of the area, between Hwy 1 mileposts 57.82 and 58.00.
   2 Azalea Glen, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, San Diego County. Light pink and white candy stripe 2.5" flowers, pink tube, yellow flare with a white streak running down the middle.
   3 Azalea Glen. White flowers, orange flare. Orange fall foliage.
   4 Azalea Glen. 2.25 "wide, white flowers with a yellow flare. 18 flowers per truss.
   5 Azalea Glen. White flowers. The upper petal has orange-yellow flare with a white line running down the center. The yellow flare sometimes on adjoining petals.
   6 Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, California. 2.5" white flowers, pink tube, lower half of petal from tip to base a faint pink with an orange tube.
   7 Mt. Tam. White 2 1/8" flower, Yellow flare fades out with age.
   8 Mt. Tam. White and pink candy stripe with a yellow flare that has a pink vertical band through the center of it. Pink tube, and pink rays on outside midrib.
   9 Mt. Tam. White, 2.5" flowers with orange flare that fades to yellow.
   10 Mt. Tam. White, 2" flowers, some with pastel pink tube and pink on upper wing petals. Orange flare.
   11 Chimney Flats Trail, Palomar Mt. State Park, San Diego County. 2.5" white flowers with an orange flare that fades to yellow, then disappears with age. Thin pink lines run down the center of the petals, slight pink in tube.
   12 Palomar Mt. Most of the 2" white flowers have brilliant orange upper petals that fades to light yellow. Some pink in the tube that extends as rays to the tips of the flowers.
   13 Palomar Mt. 2" White flower with yellow flare that spills onto the right adjoining petal.
   14 Thunder Spring Trail, Palomar Mt State Park, San Diego County. 2" white flowers, yellow flare which spills onto the right adjoining petal. Pinkish flowers which almost cover plant. Pink more pronounced after a cold winter.
   15 Palomar Mt. When in full bloom the plant is so covered with 2.5" flowers that afar it looks completely white. Some pink in tube and at the tips of the petals. Yellow flare.
   16 This a cross between a more heat tolerant southern California form of occidentale and a more colorful northern California form.

Marc Colombel, France
21-154      h.p.   dalhousiae var. rhabdotum selfed

Jeff Thompson, Massachusetts USA
21-155      h.p.   Dorothy Swift X Henry's Red
21-156      h.p.   Henry's Red X souliei
21-157      h.p.   Today and Tomorrow selfed
21-158      h.p.   Today and Tomorrow X roxieanum

Robert Zimmerman, Washington USA
21-159      h.p.   fictolacteum1
21-160      h.p.   glanduliferum2
21-161      h.p.   hodgsonii
21-162      h.p.   moupinense X siblings3
21-163      h.p.   qiaojiaense4
21-164      o.p.   taronense5
21-165      o.p.   walongense6
21-166      h.p.   yuefengense
   1 ex SBEC 0957
   2 ex SEH 174
   3 redder forms
   4 ex NN0903
   5 related to dendricola? but no red bark
   6 ex HECC 10004

Mike Creel, South Carolina USA
21-167      h.p.   chapmani1 selfed
21-168      o.p.   maximum2
21-169      h.p.   minus - early forms3 selfed
21-170      com.   Hibiscus grandiflora4
21-171      com.   Lilium iridoaelle5
   1 From pink and white group on left trail, in pure stand, isolated from all other evergreen rhodos.
   2 Cliffs of Glassy, pink, from group of seedlings grown from nature trail on Chestnut Ridge preserve near Landrum, SC, in Greenville County, isolated from other evergreen rhododendrons, produces pure seed.
   3 light pink, earlier than species, from plants grown from cuttings stuck 03-12-07 collected from a colony in Covington County, Alabama, on the bluffs and banks of the reservoirs of the Conecuh River. They bloom earlier than the other coastal zone minuses to the east (lower Chattahoochee River) and the west (Alabama River in Monroe County, Alabama).
   4 from Sparkleberry Swamp landing. Excellent perennial.
   5 Panhandle Lily

Steve Cunliffe, New Hampshire USA
21-172      o.p.   Apricot Sunrise
21-173      o.p.   bakeri
21-174      o.p.   Baltic Amber
21-175      o.p.   Bon Bon
21-176      o.p.   Cal. Molton Lava
21-177      o.p.   (Cal. Skinner 166 x Cal. Smokey Mountaineer)
21-178      o.p.   (Canobie Coocheecoo x Fragrant Star)
21-179      o.p.   [(Canobie Coocheecoo x Fragrant Star) x (Cherokee x Fragrant Star)]
21-180      o.p.   [(Chickasaw x Fragrant Star) x Narcissiflora]
21-181      o.p.   Earl's Gold
21-182      o.p.   Four Kings
21-183      o.p.   Gregory Bald seedling
21-184      o.p.   July Jester x Camps Red seedling
21-185      o.p.   (My Mary x Fragrant Star)
21-186      o.p.   Shapiro's Starlight
21-187      o.p.   smirnowii
21-188      o.p.   Sunny-side Up
21-189      o.p.   Taylor Maid

Richard Flavell, Connecticut USA
21-190      h.p.   hemsleyanum X discolor (pink) Goal: hardiness for zone 6b
21-191      h.p.   hemsleyanum X hemsleyanum1
21-192      h.p.   hemsleyanum X yuefengense2 Goal: foliage
21-193      o.p.   hyperythrum3
21-194      h.p.   March Madness4 X Babylon Goal: bigger leaves
21-195      h.p.   Phipps Yellow5 X Kathy Bones6 Goal: big leaf hybrid
21-196      h.p.   praevernum #1 X asterochnoum Goal: early hybrid
21-197      h.p.   praevernum #1 X praevernum #2 Goal: species
21-198      o.p.   smirnowii Goal: foliage
21-199      o.p.   (smirnowii x rex ssp. rex)
21-200      h.p.   Visiting Angels7 X Kathy Bones6 Goal: big leaf hybrid
21-201      h.p.   (yakushimanum x pachysanthum) X (yakushimanum x strigillosum)8 Goal: foliage, better flowers
21-202      h.p.   yuefengense #1 X yuefengense #29
   1 two sisters seedlings from RSBG seed
   2 pollen from RSBG seedlings
   3 many will be species, some hybrids x praevernum possible
   4 Mehlquist hybrid
   5 Hardgrove hybrid
   6 macabeanum X calophytum
   7 Berg hybrid
   8 rose red flower
   9 two sister seedlings purchased from RSBG

Ray Clack, Oregon USA
21-203      o.p.   nuttallii
21-204      o.p.   Tandoorip1
  p1 Photo at:

Joanne Turner, Washington USA
21-205      o.p.   glanduliferum1
   1 Most likely selfed as nothing else is blooming.

Ron Rabideau, New Jersey USA
21-206      c.w.   brachycarpum ssp. fauriei1, p1
   1 From the Primorsky Krai (Russian Far East).
  p1 Photo at:

Kawano Kozo, Japan
21-207      c.w.   aureum (Daisetsuzan Asahidake 2291 m)
21-208      c.w.   aureum (Daisetsuzan Sugatami no Ike 1600 m)
21-209      c.w.   aureum (Kiso Ontake Mamakodake 2858m)
21-210      c.w.   aureum (Mt Yotei 1989m)
21-211      c.w.   aureum (Senjogatake 3033m)
21-212      o.p.   brachycarpum

Alexander Fitzburgh, New Jersey USA
21-213      o.p.   cephalanthum ssp. cephalanthum
21-214      h.p.   Robert Allison selfed

Erhard Moser, Germany
21-215      o.p.   calostrotum ssp. keleticum
21-216      c.p.   decorum ex ACSN 5993
21-217      c.p.   decorum ex KR 7714
21-218      o.p.   dichroanthum Bohmen
21-219      c.p.   fortunei fine form
21-220      o.p.   insigne
21-221      c.p.   makinoi X yakushimanum
21-222      o.p.   maoerense
21-223      c.p.   micranthum
21-224      o.p.   smirnowii
21-225      o.p.   Wietings Grande
21-226      c.p.   wongii
21-227      com.   Paris polyphylla
21-228      com.   Stylophorum sutchuenense

Jaakko Saarinten, Finland
21-229      c.p.   brachycarpum ssp. brachycarpum c.p. of 16 individual plants
21-230      o.p.   canadense from a group of wild-origin plants
21-231      com.   Vaccinium myrtillus wild population collection


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