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Seed Exchange Lots for 2024

h.p.  - Hand pollinated seeds.
c.p.  - Controlled pollination. (Stigma covered after pollination)
o.p.  - Open pollination.
c.w. - Collected in the wild.
com. - Companion plants.

Lots marked with strikethrough are "sold out".

Betty Ann Addison, Minnesota USA
24-001      h.p.   Belle Fontaine X Ruby Parasol1
24-002      h.p.   carolinianum album Mehlquest, selfed
24-003      h.p.   (Ken Janeck x fulvum) X smirnowii
24-004      h.p.   Rice Creek X Ruby Parasol1
24-005      h.p.   Rice Creek Pink X yedoense var. poukhanense   Evergreen azalea
24-006      h.p.   Ruby Robin X yedoense var. poukhanense   Evergreen azalea
   1 Ruby Parasol is brachycarpum X Besse Howells. Hardy to -35ºF. Sun tolerant.

Peter Norris, Massachusetts USA
24-007      o.p.   Hal Bruce
24-008      h.p.   Main Street X (yuefengense x Sally Fuller)
24-009      h.p.   Purple Passion X (yuefengense x Sally Fuller)
24-010      h.p.   (yuefengense x Sally Fuller) X Firestorm
24-011      com.   Arisaema heterophyllum   (Dancing Cobra Lily – must be stratified)
24-012      com.   Asclepias tuberosa 'Hello Yellow'
24-013      com.   Cardiocrinum cordatum var. glehnii   (moist, shade/sun)
24-014      com.   Franklinia alatamaha   (small flowering tree)
24-015      com.   Illicium X 'Woodland Ruby'
24-016      com.   Lobelia cardinalis   (wild collected, Chilmark, MA)
24-017      com.   Stewartia serrata (small flowering tree)

Kristian Theqvist, Finland
24-018      c.p.   brachycarpum f. nemotoanum1 X Loisto2   Goal: Orange double flowers.
24-019      c.p.   brachycarpum f. nemotoanum1 X Silberpfeil3   Goal: Double flowers, large leaves.
24-020      c.p.   (degronianum ssp. heptamerum Enamoto x tsariense)4 X bureavioides5  Withdrawn
24-021      o.p.   Kerttu6 X bureavioides5   Goal: Yellow flowers. indumented leaves.
24-022      c.p.   Kristian's Sunshine7 X bureavioides5   Goal: Yellow flowers, indumented leaves.
24-023      c.p.   Kristian's Sunshine7 X (degronianum ssp. heptamerum Enamoto x tsariense)4   Goal: Yellow flowers, indumented leaves.
24-024      c.p.   Kristian's Sunshine7 X Kultu   Goal: Yellow flowers.
24-025      c.p.   Loisto2 X Silberpfeil3   Goal: Orange flowers, large leaves.
24-026      c.p.   Merja8 X Loisto2   Goal: Orange flowers, low growth.
24-027      o.p.   pilosum9
24-028      c.w.   tomentosum10
   1 brachycarpum f. nemotoanum: a semi double flower form of brachycarpum from Japan
   2 Loisto: a hardy hybrid from K. Theqvist, Elsie Maria X Böhmen, orange flowers
   3 Silberpfeil: smirnowii X rex, very large leaves and huge growth
   4 degronianum ssp. heptamerum Enamoto X tsariense: a cross from Joe Harvey (ARHS 052/06), small leaves with good red brown indumentum, large white flowers
   5 bureavioides: Warren Berg collection, SB 9022.3, Sichuan, Mugecuo, 12500 ft, very hardy
   6 Kerttu: a hardy hybrid from K. Theqvist, Helsinki University X Golden Coach, yellow flowers
   7 Kristian’s Sunshine: a hardy hybrid from K. Theqvist, Kullervo X Goldprinz, yellow flowers
   8 Merja: a hardy hybrid from K. Theqvist, Helsinki University X Böhmen, orange flowers
   9 pilosum: former Menziesia pilosa, now deciduous azalea, comes true as there is no matching nearby pollen source
   10 tomentosum: former Ledum palustre, collected wild, Korppoo, Finland
Photos and information on hybrids and species used in the crosses:

Frederick Thurber, Massachusetts, USA
24-029      h.p.   Barbara Madeiros X lacteum RSF 75-242   Note: hybridized by Mike Medeiros.

Joe Bruso, Massachusetts USA
24-030      h.p.   (Harold Amateis x maximum) X pachysanthum
24-031      com.   Cardiocrinum gigantheum

John Weagle, Nova Scotia Canada
24-032      o.p.   canadense
24-033      o.p.   canadense, white
24-034      o.p.   vaseyi, pink
24-035      h.p.   vaseyi, white find

Mike McCullough, California USA
24-036      c.w.   columbianum   (commonly known as western Labrador tea)
24-037      c.w.   occidentale GG2   Note: Pale pink flowers.
24-038      c.w.   occidentale Flynn Creek 1903   Note: 2 ½” pink & white candy stripe with orange flare.
24-039      c.w.   occidentale Mt Tam 1312   Note: White with yellow flare and pink tube.
24-040      c.w.   occidentale Mt Tam 2607   Note: White & pink candy stripe with yellow flare.
24-041      c.w.   occidentale Mt Tam 3110   Note: White with orange flare, some pink on tube.
24-042      c.w.   occidentale Hollister Hills State Vehicular Rec Area.

Jaakko Saarinen, Arboretum Mustila, Finland
24-043      c.w.   carolinianum   near Sunburst Fall (NC)1
24-044      c.p.   canescens (floriferous white, c.w. Jacobs Mtn. Alabama) X atlanticum 'Seaboard'   Goal: low, floriferous white azalea.
24-045      c.p.   Junistolz X Ted's Cream Cracker   Goal: late-flowering plant with large flowers.
24-046      c.w.   minus2
24-047      c.p.   Sun Glory X Ted's Cream Cracker   Goal: large flowers with showy color combinations.
   1 Found near Sunburst Falls (NC), 1210–1330 m elevation. mostly white-flowered; species status of carolinianum revived by Albach & Bauer 2022
   2 Found near Schoolhouse Falls (NC), 1120–1200 m high elevation, but not carolinianum

Jack Looye, Nova Scotia, Canada
24-048      h.p.   Calsap X Arthur Bedford
24-049      h.p.   Calsap X (Rhein's Picotee x Madame Cochet)
24-050      h.p.   [(carolinianum x Blue Diamond) x Starry Night)] X Boulderwood Blue    Note: this carolinianum is a tetraploid.
24-051      h.p.   Casanova X Fashion Plate
24-052      h.p.   [(Hachman's Charmant X Summer Glow) x Butterscotch1] X Wyandanch Pink
24-053      h.p.   (Ingrid Melquest x Rio) X (yellow seedling x Dead Ringer)
24-054      h.p.   Lavender Princess X Calsap
24-055      h.p.   (maximum x yakushimanum) X Trinity
24-056      o.p.   Red Max   Note: nothing much else in bloom at the time, so most likely selfed.
24-057      h.p.   Roslyn X Arthur Bedford
24-058      h.p.   Roslyn X Calsap
24-059      h.p.   Souvenir Du Président Carnot X Fireball   deciduous azalea
24-060      h.p.   [Sundust x (Casanova x Sweet Lulu)] X [(Golden Horseshoe X Yellow Stone) X Blazing Grace]
24-061      h.p.   [Sundust x (Casanova x Sweet Lulu)] X (Sundust X Flautando #1-22)
24-062      h.p.   Whitney's Late Red X {[Chinaboy x (Charles Dickens x Mars)] x {[(Nova Zembla x (America x Mars)]#2 x (sibling #3)}}
24-063      h.p.   degronianum ssp. yakushimanum Koichiro Wada X Black Widow
24-064      h.p.   degronianum ssp. yakushimanum Koichiro Wada X brachycarpum var. roseum
24-065      h.p.   degronianum ssp. yakushimanum Koichiro Wada X {{[China Boy x (Charles Dickens x Mars)] x [Nova Zembla x (America x Mars)] x Harold Amateis} #1 x {sibling #2}}
   1 Butterscotch = Mary Belle X Casanova

Hannu Saarilahti, Finland
24-066      c.p.   brachycarpum ssp. brachycarpum Surikogi1 X smirnowii2
24-067      c.p.   pseudochrysanthum 'Ben Nelson'3 X pseudochrysanthum RSF 1975/189
24-068      c.p.   degronianum ssp. yakushimanum Koichiro Wada X bureavioides4
24-069      c.p.   Hellikki5 X Stern von Japan6
24-070      o.p.   camtschaticum7   Note: mixed pollination of red and lilac plants.
24-071      o.p.   canadense7   Note: seed from several plants.
   1 R. brachycarpum ssp. brachycarpum Surikogi originates from seed collected in the Japanese mountain Surikogi. See ARS SeedEx 2008-351.
   2 R. smirnowii pollen was a gift from Kristian Theqvist, Finland
   3 'Ben Nelson' is an easily cultivatable form of pseudochrysanthum and thought to be a hybrid.
   4 bureavioides pollen was from an exceptionally hardy individual, a gift from Kristian Theqvist, Finland.
   5 Hellikki is a hardy Finnish smirnowii hybrid.
   6 Stern von Japan is degronianum ssp. yakushimanum Koichiro Wada x (Fabia Group x smirnowii), a compact hardy hydrid with spectacular hose-in-hose flowers.
   7 Does not hybridize with other plants.

Tomasz Cyba, Poland
24-072      h.p.   Belona X Allegretto   Goal: low-growing hybrid with red flowers.
24-073      h.p.   Belona X arboreum, red   Goal: hardy arboreum hybrid with dense foliage and red flowers.
24-074      h.p.   Schneekrone X Jersey Mammoth   Goal: big-leaf rhododendron for zone 6A.
24-075      h.p.   Schneekrone X macabeanum   Goal: big-leaf rhododendron for zone 6B.

Erhard Moser, Germany
24-076      c.p.   aberconwayi ex ZH-G 049
24-077      o.p.   brachycarpum   Note: compact trusses.
24-078      o.p.   campanulatum ex Nepal
24-079      o.p.   decorum ex KR7714
24-080      o.p.   makinoi
24-081      o.p.   platypodum
24-082      c.p.   degronianum ssp. yakushimanum Edelweiss

Rick Edwards, Missouri USA
24-083      h.p.   Annabella X Lollipop
24-084      c.w.   arborescens   Note: Late blooming.
24-085      o.p.   colemanii
24-086      o.p.   Elizabeth Lane
24-087      o.p.   flammeum 'Hazel Hamilton'
24-088      o.p.   Mt. Saint Helens
24-089      c.w.   prinophyllum   Note: Collected at Buffalo River, Ponca, AR.
24-090      o.p.   sanctum
24-091      o.p.   Satan
24-092      o.p.   viscosum var montanum

Mike Oliver, Oregon USA
24-093      o.p.   occidentale SM30   Note: Flowers almost all yellow. Most yellow occidentale flower known.
24-094      o.p.   occidentale   Note: Much yellow in flower
24-095      o.p.   occidentale, unknown parent X (occidentale SM189 x occidentale SM232)
24-096      o.p.   occidentale

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, Washington USA
24-097      h.p.   campanulatum ssp. campanulatum 2008/467 x 1604d98
24-098      h.p.   cinnabarinum ssp. xanthocodon
24-099      h.p.   crinigerum 05/013 x 05/023
24-100      h.p.   decorum
24-101      h.p.   elliottii 05/209 x 88/081
24-102      h.p.   exasperatum
24-103      h.p.   faithiae
24-104      h.p.   fulvum 02/442 x 91/088
24-105      h.p.   glanduliferum
24-106      h.p.   glischrum
24-107      h.p.   hodgsonii
24-108      h.p.   huanum
24-109      h.p.   kiangsiense
24-110      h.p.   liliiflorum
24-111      h.p.   macabeanum CH
24-112      h.p.   mallotum 97/125 x 66/557
24-113      h.p.   molle ssp. japonicum
24-114      h.p.   nipponicum
24-115      h.p.   nipponicum RSF
24-116      h.p.   polytrichum
24-117      h.p.   quinquefolium
24-118      h.p.   schlippenbachii (best pink)
24-119      h.p.   semibarbatum
24-120      h.p.   thomsonii
24-121      h.p.   tephropeplum
24-122      h.p.   wardii 74/246
24-123      h.p.   wiltonii

Lloyd Gilmore, British Columbia Canada
24-124      h.p.   [Champagne Lace x (Butter Brickle x Marie Stark)] X Four Winds
24-125      h.p.   [Champagne Lace x (Butter Brickle x Marie Stark)] X self
24-126      h.p.   (Jeda x sanguineum ssp. haemaleum)1 X Whid Bee
24-127      h.p.   (Jeda x sanguineum ssp. haemaleum)1 X Cherries and Merlot
24-128      h.p.   Mario Pagliarini X (decorum 732 Cox 2006 x Dexter’s Spice)
24-129      com.   Erythronium revolutum, pink   Note: From Loess Creek, west of Spooke, BC.
   1 Temporary name for this cross is "Big Pot".

Ed Reekie, Ontario Canada
24-130      c.w.   ferrugineum   Note: Collected in Canton Graubunden, Switzerland.
24-131      c.w.   hirsutum   Note: Collected at 2,253 m elevation, Switzerland.
24-132      c.w.   hirsutum   Note: Collected at 2,182 m elevation, Switzerland.
24-133      h.p.   (maximum x Wojnar’s Purple) X faithiae
24-134      h.p.   Ribbon Candy X Leonard Frisbie
24-135      h.p.   Ribbon Candy X molle ssp. japonicum

Bob Zimmerman, Washington USA
24-136      c.w.   macrophyllum   Note: Mt. Walker, Jefferson County WA.
24-137      h.p.   moupinense, pink and red forms sibbed
24-138      h.p.   occidentale 'Humboldt Picotee' X Leonard Frisbie
24-139      h.p.   seinghkuense ex CCHH
24-140      h.p.   sinofalconeri ex AC #

Jeff Thompson, Massachusetts, USA
24-141      o.p.   Dorothy Swift

Richard Flavell, Connecticut USA
24-142      h.p.   Babylon X Perfume   Goal: fragrance.
24-143      h.p.   (Golden Horseshoe x macabeanum) X lacteum
24-144      h.p.   (Golden Horseshoe x macabeanum) X sinofalconeri SEH   Note: Pollen from Mike Bones.
24-145      h.p.   (smirnowii x sinogrande) X Laramie
24-146      h.p.   (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x falconeri) X [(catawbiense album x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum) x macabeanum]
   Last four entries goal is big leaf hardy yellow.

Ron Rabideau, New Jersey USA
24-147      o.p.   (Summer Joy1 X Very Berry)2   Goal: shuffle the genes to potentially get some hardy tetraploids with big flowers and big thick leaves.
24-148      h.p.   Jersey Mammoth3 X self   Goal: Hardy, early blooming big-leaved plants.
24-149      h.p.   Jersey Mammoth3 X faithiae   Goal: Large, textured leaves, mid-summer bloom, colorful new growth, reasonably hardy.
   1 Summer Joy is a tetraploid R. maximum from August Kehr. Name not registered.
   2 Temporary name for this cross is 'Ron's #1". Probably selfed, if not, sibbed. (only two plants blooming)
   3 Jersey Mammoth = brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedii x macabeanum

Ray Clack, Oregon USA
24-150      o.p.   calendulaceum
24-151      o.p.   Clear Creek
24-152      com.   Eccremocarpus scaber   Note: Chilean Glory Vine   See

Ron Rabideau, New Jersey USA
24-153      c.w.   brachycarpum ssp. fauriei   Note: From far eastern Russia.


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